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I very rarely write reviews or leave testimonials. The person or service need to really WOW me and inspire me to sit down and dedicate the time to write a testimonial. Initially, I wasn’t sure whether to work with Lexie because who ever has spare cash for luxury in a start-up, right? Well, let me tell you that it was one of the best business decisions I made this year. I took a leap of faith and haven’t looked back ever since because the value add from Lexie has been phenomenal. Lexie helped elevate our team by helping us build foundational knowledge of all things PR, equipped us with tangible roadmaps and templates, and spent time answering our myriad of questions (and there were many). What I’ve loved most about working with Lexie is her responsiveness, clarity of thought and cheerleading! Accountability mattered for us too. No matter how small a win, I loved that Lexie celebrated us. And we ended up scoring many wins, both small and big! If you’re on the fence, don’t think twice, you won’t regret having Lexie on your team. She goes out of her way and will move mountains for you!

Natalia, Founder, ThyForLife


Lexie is not only an incredible PR consultant but an all-around amazing asset to any team! Her knowledge, genuine care, and creativity are all extraordinary qualities that Lexie offers her entrepreneurs beyond the basics of PR. Aside from all of the tricks, hacks, and skills offered,  she has a genuine interest and care for you and your business and is there not only to guide you through your PR strategy but your overall business strategy as well. She helps you to truly understand your business, your customers, and your long-term organizational goals. Lexie walks you through each step of the way and is there to answer any and every question big or small. The best part is during and even after the program with all of her graduation programs, you get to leverage Lexie’s combined expertise and know-how for consult on all your PR needs.  She will teach you the skills you need to confidently identify PR opportunities, pitch media, and convert your PR to sales.

I highly recommend THEPRBAR’s Pop Fizz Clink program to any entrepreneur who likes to surround themselves with smart experts they can learn from directly. If would like to learn the skills yourself on how to properly promote your business, PFC is for you.

Claire, Founder, Malibu Apothecary

Lexie Smith is extremely knowledgeable and her program, Pop, Fizz, Clink! is CHOCK FULL of valuable takeaways. (She could be charging way more for this…it’s a steal!) You will look at PR from a completely new perspective and will feel like an absolute pro after going through this program...

...But Lexie dives even deeper than just PR. She uses her experience and wealth of knowledge to have you examine what’s working (or not) within your business from the ground up (with her own PR spin, of course) and challenges you AND collaborates with you to use all of your resources to improve your position.

On top of all this, Lexie is one of the friendliest, most supportive, and most approachable people I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. She’s constantly looking for ways to adapt her program and the way she works with you to best suit your needs and to see if there are any additional ways she can support you through your PR journey...

...In case it’s unclear, I HIGHLY recommend taking Lexie’s course. I don’t see how you can afford NOT to.

Team Review, The BRA Network


“I just wrapped up a coaching engagement with Lexie, and need to tell the world how amazing she is. I know unequivocally that I and my business are stronger because of her wisdom, patience, compassion, and knowledge, and because of the resources shared through THEPRBAR inc.


If you are looking for a thoughtful coach who shares, teaches, affirms, makes you uncomfortable in all the good ways, and holds you accountable as you grow your business, services, and public image, you can’t afford NOT to reach out to her. Do it now!!


Thank you, Lex, for being in my corner and believing in me and my mission!! I know this investment was worth every penny and will pay huge dividends!!!”

Marissa, Founder, Reloveution

"I have been waiting for the moment when I get to brag on Lexie! I have learned so much about myself as an entrepreneur during this entire journey and I simply cannot live without Lexie. I even joined her next round!


What I learned most about this journey, beyond the world of PR, is how to be a good human. Lexie is a true coach and humanizes everything that she does and teaches. She is an incredible wealth of knowledge, but also a great role model. I’m grateful every day that I invested in her and myself and I now get to say that we are a fully operational PR agency with a team of 5, with consistent 5-figure months, and we just offboarded less than 3 days ago.


Cheers to the future Lexie, I’m honored to be in your circle."

Candice, Founder, The Agency East & The Selling Lab

Agency East -1143 - Candice D'Angelo.jpg
Headshot 5 - Lindsay Krasnoff_edited.jpg

"Working with Lexie took my business strategy and thought leadership to the next level.


Lexie’s expertise and guidance were integral in creating a natural synergy between my consulting work, my public speaking engagements, my media work, and my more academic “hat” and know-how.


Her ability to help translate some of my technical thought leadership into everyday concepts was invaluable, as was the ease with which we worked together.


Hands down this was one of my best business decisions of the past 12 months, one that continues to pay dividends…“

Dr. Lindsay Sarah Krasnoff, Founder, Historian, Writer, Speaker, and Consultant

It’s very VERY rare I write reviews or testimonials. I have had the extreme pleasure of working with Lexie for 3 years. She is one of the most honest and dedicated professionals I have ever met. I say this first because it is something you do NOT find often. Let me back that up with her work quality and desire to “Win” is second-to-none… …I can also put my money where my mouth was with that last statement as I have hired Lexie to continue working with us.


In my 20 year career I have never met a better self-starter and person that is absolutely dedicated to her craft and YOUR results!

 Executive Team, GeoLinks 


"I could not have gotten this far without Lexie. Not even close. 

Hire this woman."

Carmen, Carmen Ellis Studio 

“Where to begin. Pop Fizz Clink is an absolute masterclass in PR. I have never experienced a program as valuable and useful as this one. The way in which the content was organized and presented was thorough but not overwhelming. After each topic covered, I felt confident in implementing those elements immediately. And more importantly, saw results.

It is obvious Lexie put thought into every detail of this course: from the technology she employs, to the way in which she communicates. She holds you accountable, and makes sure you feel comfortable with the topic at hand before moving on. The knowledge and content you walk away with is your own PR library. I got much more than I anticipated, and know I will continuously refer back to what I’ve learned.

I would recommend this course to anyone from a first-time entrepreneur to a seasoned professional. She is experienced, engaged, passionate, motivated and authentic. One thing that stands out is the very human component Lexie brings to each individual client she works with. She cares. Genuinely. She goes above and beyond to help her clients succeed and that is priceless. Simply put, Lexie KNOWS PR.

Julie, Founder, Noble Sands

Julie - Noble Sands Media Kit.png

“THEPRBAR inc.’s Pop Fizz Clink Program was very helpful for us at FATHOWERX and MATTERLABS. It helped us organize our goals and objectives as well as our front of marketing. Over the time of the course, we gained confidence and knowledge of how to write/pitch press releases strategically. The layout of the lessons was perfect and you broke down each step into manageable chunks of information – it was never overwhelming. Along with the amazing insight, the systems you have created are phenomenal. Overall, the program helped boost our company’s marketing sector. Thank you so much Lexie!”

Team Review, Fathowerx + Matterlabs 

“10 / 10 would recommend the lovely Lexie Smith for learning all the PR things while meeting you where you currently are in your business. This was easily one of the best investments I have made in my business. Lexie taught me so much valuable information, helped me to identify IMMEDIATELY available PR opportunities and by the end I had a full tool kit of at least 10 easy to implement strategies (NOT tactics or hacks).

On a personal note, she is also just so kind and makes the PR world easy to understand and accessible. HIRE HER!!!”

Kerry, CEO, Cash is Kween

Screen Shot 2020-09-24 at 7.35.54 AM.png

Not only do I feel empowered and inspired...but I have the specific information I need to move forward in my business. Lexie was efficient, clear, and best of all she was personable and it did feel like I was chatting with a friend. Something I also appreciated was how she listens and gives space for you to speak, and in return gives you tailored advice worth gold.”

Crisal, CEO, Creative C Agency

“PR is so relevant to every marketing plan, not only for authority but also for relevance. Very few agencies are able to offer a comprehensive strategy. Lexie helped us to implement our PR department and she held our hand every step of the way. She gave us actionable tips and tools for immediate results. Working with Lexie was one of the best decisions I made as Agency owner.“

Lara, Founder and CEO of The Darl Agency

“Lexie has been such a wealth of knowledge and support for me during the Pop Fizz Clink program. I’ve learned so much about the world of PR, something I knew almost nothing about (and didn’t even know I needed) before having met her.

The delivery of all the new information and lessons was incredibly clear and precise. With her help, I feel, look and sound like a real pro when submitting pitches. In fact, after following the steps laid out by Lexie on my first pitch, I was complimented by a podcaster on my professional and organized approach and was booked immediately.

But beyond the course information, Lexie was so hands on and really guided me through the steps with attention to detail and such a willingness to share her expertise at the drop of a hat. She was also incredible at helping me focus on strategy, and has given me so many tools, knowledge and the confidence to put myself out there.“

Nicole, Founder, NM Yoga and Wellness

“As a new business owner, I had a lot of questions around exactly how to reach and engage with my ideal clients in a way that felt authentic, relationship-centric, and sustainable. My session with Lexie was a fantastic crash course in the specific avenues for PR that I should have on my radar at this stage of business in order to achieve that goal. I left with a new belief about my ability to reach more of my ideal clients quickly, as well as a concrete list of places I can meet them. Not only that, but I gained more clarity around how I myself am uniquely positioned to help my clients, and the best way to communicate those selling points in my messaging and social media. Huge thanks to Lexie and the team for a beautiful, seamless, and empowering experience!”

Emily, Founder, Emily Burnett Learning Design


Working with Lexie and THEPRBAR has been a game changer!!! She is so encouraging and supportive while also challenging me to meet my goals and holding me accountable. She continues to help me every step of the way, keeps me aligned with my goals, and I am so amazed at the progress I’ve made and the ways I’ve grown in our time working together.

Continuing to work with her was the best business investment I’ve ever made, and I can’t wait to see what I accomplish with this amazing person in my corner supporting me along the way. When you find someone you love working with and they align with your values. Go for it! I promise you won’t regret it!!

Tiffany, CO-Founder and CEO, Twinning Pros

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