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“THEPRBAR inc. makes it impossibly easy to work with clients. Before working with Lexie, I felt like I was constantly chasing brands we were collaborating with down to get the materials we needed; everything was delivered at the last minute and we were unable to promote collaborations to our standards. Lexie shared everything we asked immediately and made it so accessible that we quadrupled the attendance for her workshop from the previous one! Lexie is brilliant, approachable, and just a delight to work with! I cannot recommend THEPRBAR inc. enough! AH-MAZING!”

 Sarah, Founder, District Bliss Events

Attendee Response

“This was absolutely the best workshop I’ve attended all year! Well done! Very Informative”

“I wanted to personally thank you so much for organizing the Event with THEPRBAR inc. It was truly insightful, and I loved how Lexie was so genuine with her responses!”

“Really clear and super helpful, thank you Lexie!!!!!”

“This was so wonderful, thank you for sharing such valuable information!”

“One of the most practical workshops I’ve attended all year.”


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Speaker and Workshop Topics


Below are examples of Lexie's most requested workshop topics. However, Lexie is always up to create a unique workshop to cater to your specific audience. 

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The Organic Growth Formula - How to Build Your Business with PR

Feel overwhelmed by the million-and-one POSSIBLE ways to grow and market your business? Should you be on social media? Is it ads? Is it PR (and what the heck even is PR)? Frankly, there are TOO many options and moving parts. THEPRBAR's Organic Growth Formula gives entrepreneurs an easy-to-follow formula that will enable them to clearly narrow down their choices, and finally begin to grow their business on their own terms.

  • An overview of "what is PR"

  • What the Organic Growth Formula IS

  • How an entrepreneur can apply it to their own business

  • Attendees walk away with their own answer to the Organic Growth Formula (aka where they can get started to begin to grow their business.)

Demystifying the World of PR

Red Carpets with celebrities, Crisis Comms for billion-dollar companies, a TV spot on Oprah...these are all common associations that most have when they hear the word "PR". But really, what is PR? ​

This workshop will cover...

  • An overview of "PR 101" - What is PR? 

  • Defining relations - The "6 Relations of PR"

  • How to determine if your business needs PR, and if so, what type

  • How can PR make you money

  • Should you DIY or Outsource - an overview of Pros and Cons

  • Cool you want PR, what is your first step?

Option to turn it into "PR 101: Let's Wine About it"

- Virtual Happy Hour Experience

coffee-791439_1920 (1).jpg

How to Get "Press Ready" & Build a Media Kit that Converts

SO, you want press...where does one even start? What are the steps you can take as a Founder to get ready for press? Furthermore, what the heck is a media kit, why is it important, and how does one even go about making one? This workshop will be full of tangible tips, takeaways, resources, and strategies that work. 

  • What you need to be “press-ready”

  • An overview of what assets to prepare in order to get press

  • What is a media kit, do you need one?

  • How to you create a media kit that converts

How to Develop a
Thought Leadership Strategy

What the heck is a "Thought Leader"? Is it just another trending buzzword, similar to influencer, that is becoming more and more overused, therefore, less and less respected? Quick answer–Yes. The term is often overused; therefore, yes, it can sometimes lose its impact; however, and this however is the most important part – thought leadership is still an incredibly effective PR strategy. This workshop will address...

  • Can you or your business benefit from developing a "thought leadership" status? 

  • How does one go about developing a strategic plan to build thought leadership?

  • How and where to "show up" online to build "expert" status.


How to be #Newsworthy

What distinguishes one story from another these days, and furthermore, why do some stories make headlines while others don’t even get a response from an editor? This workshop will cover...

  • What makes something #Newsworthy in the eyes of the media


  • How to determine what makes you and your brand worthy of press

  • How to pick an angle that will land you your next headline. 


Featured Speaker

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  • Instructor/Speaker - PR in the Time of Crisis - Event with Six Degrees Society

  • Instructor/Speaker - Making Connections and Building the Network you Want - Event with The Forward Female

  • Instructor/Speaker - PR 101 - Event with The Forward Female

  • Instructor/Speaker - How to Grow Your Brand Awareness and Business - Coastal Coworking Event

  • Instructor/Speaker - PR and Crisis Communications - Home School Workshop Series

  • Instructor/Speaker - How to Build a Media Kit that Converts -
    District Bliss Workshop

  • Instructor/Speaker - How to Build a Media Kit that Converts - DC Fempreneur Workshop

  • Guest Panelist - Virtual Money Maker Summit

  • Guest Panelist - Women in PR - The Business of PR Event

  • Instructor/Speaker - How to Build a Media Kit that Converts
    - Women in PR - Sports PR Event

  • Guest Speaker - PR 101 - Demystifying the World of PR
    - Camarillo Chamber of Commerce

  • Repeat Instructor - Social Media Strategy and PR
    - Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce

  • Guest Speaker - University of Oregon PRSSA

  • Guest Speaker - CSUN PRSSA

  • Guest Speaker - Economic Development Collaborative

  • Instructor/Speaker - What is PR - Business Relationship Alliance Workshop

  • Instructor/Speaker - Thought Leadership 101 - ToolKit LA

  • Guest Speaker - PR 101 - Female Founders Club Workshop

  • Guest Speaker - PR 101 - Creative Entrepreneurs Workshop

  • Instructor/Speaker - Demystifying PR - Insta Inner Circle

  • Instructor/Speaker - Organic Growth Method - Jump into 2021 Summit

  • Instructor/Speaker - Getting Press Ready - Female Techpreneur

  • Instructor/Speaker - How to Get Press for your Podcast - Bright Sighted Community

  • Expert Panelist - PR & Social Media - Northeastern University

  • Featured Instructor - The Organic Growth Formula -
    Dreamers & Doers

  • Guest Speaker - The Organic Growth Formula - Lead Gen Audio Summit with Mompreneur

  • Instructor/Speaker - Q4 Supercharge - How to Smash Year End Goals - Six Degrees Society

  • Instructor/Speaker - Demystifying the World of PR - Ascend Mastermind

  • Instructor/Speaker - How to Get Press Ready - Hilary Hartling Mastermind

  • Instructor/Speaker - PR 101 Workshop - Emily McDonald Mastermind

  • Instructor/Speaker -The Real World - Behind the Scenes of a Successful Coaching Business - Six Degrees Society

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